13. take a drawing course

So I tried. I really really did. And as it turns out, as much as I’d like to be one of those people who can draw cute little things without effort, I just don’t enjoy it. I tried to follow Lisa Congdon’s daily drawing challenge over on Creativebug in February, and got 10 days in before I was bored and disinterested and gave it up. Which is okay! I don’t need to enjoy all the things on my list, right?

(No photos because I don’t want to even show them to you.)

2. try curling

Libby, Amy, and I went to a Learn to Curl session with the South Shore Curling Club down in Bridgewater last weekend. It was just as fun as I hoped it would be.

If you ever have the chance to try curling, I highly recommend it!

30. have a drink at the top of the hub at the Prudential Center

My friend KP suggested this activity and oh, what fun!

KP & Megan at the Top of theHub
KP & Megan at the Top of the Hub

When a bunch of us went skating and to Cheers in January, we thought this weekend might be good for going to the Top of the Hub for a drink. And then we looked at our hockey schedule and saw that we had an 11am game and it got even MORE perfect.

GMO at TotH
GMO at TotH

The whole crew from Barbados made it, plus Amy, minus Matt. We had drinks and views and conversations and laughing and noshes and it was just the best afternoon I’ve had in ages.

View of Boston
View of Boston
Not a Reflection
Not a Reflection
Megan & Amy
Megan & Amy
Libby and Megan
Libby, Megan, & the South End

I think my favorite part of the day was when we were settling the bill and Niki said, “There’s too much money here! Three of us haven’t paid yet!” So much nicer than the alternative.

Hanging out with this group of women is so easy and fun. Need to do it more!

43. join the Friends of the Library in my town

I joined the Friends of the Morse Institute Library. I read a ton of books thanks to the library and really love how their Friends group has made commitments to the library, so it was a no-brainer for me to join.

Thank you email from Friends of Morse Institute Library
Joined the Friends of Morse Institute

If you can do so, you might consider joining your local friends of the library, or friends of the museum, or friends of whatever-civic-organization it might be. I know when I worked at my former place of work, the Friends were very generous and allowed us to purchase a lot of bigger-ticket items we couldn’t normally fit into our regular operating budget, as well as sponsoring programming for students. That’s a kind of philanthropy I can get behind. (There are other kinds I can get behind too, but I’m not talking about those right now.)

34. take a bubble bath

Secret confession time: I don’t really like bubble baths. Probably because our tub is neither deep nor long enough for me to stretch out without having some part of my body exposed to the air. Add to that the face that the underside of our tub isn’t insulated all that well, and I’m not really sure why I put this on my list. But now it is done and I never have to take another bubble bath if I don’t want to.

Bubble bath
Drawing a bath filled with bubbles