Educause 2009 Link Love

Here is what I went to at Educause 2009:

General Sessions

  • Lawrence Lessig: It Is About Time: Getting Our Values Around Copyright Right
  • Brenda Gourely: Dancing with History: A Cautionary Tale

Other Sessions

  • 2009 Campus Computing Survey
  • Leadership Lightning Round: focus on budgets
  • Change Leadership lunch
  • Library Lightning Round: focus on information literacy
  • Community Showcase (i.e. poster sessions)
  • I’m Thin and Green: Reducing the Desktop Carbon Footprint While Offering Anywhere, Anytime Computing Services
  • What Happened to the Computer Lab?
  • Implementing a Cost-Effective and User-Friendly E-Mail, Calendaring, and Collaboration System
  • Plug-in and Play: Teaching Research to the 21st Century Student


Following the #educause09 twitter hashtag was a great way to get a sense of what was going on in each of the sessions. I hope next year the hashtag is shorter and each session gets its own hashtag. I propose something like: #ed10 for the main hashtag, and an indication of the day and session number in the others (e.g. #w2, #f9)

The iphone/mobile web interface for the sessions was significantly easier and faster to use than the “regular” web page. I used it exclusively, even from my laptop.

FYI, links will come later, as they are updated on the Educause web site.

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