oh, the pain! blogger just relaunched and added a whole slew of new tools, like built-in commenting. add to that the web-ability of blogger, and you have here one megan in a pickle about what to do re: software for blog publishing.

see, i’ve just started using this here thingamablog, and i do enjoy it. the editor makes me happy, the fact that it’s freeware and open source is all cool. BUT, and this is a big but, you can only post from the machine where you have thingamablog loaded. which means that i can only post from my laptop – which i rarely bring to work.

so what to do? what to do? i’ll probably load my thingamablog template into blogger and set up a faux blog on this site somewhere, just to see how i like it. because it would be nice to decrease by one or two the number of programs i’m using to create this blog.

weekend warrior update

tonight i’ve been watching (somewhat) pirates of the caribbean. i can’t seem to get into it – maybe it’s because the last good ship-movie i saw was master & commander, and i don’t think anything can hold a candle to that. maybe it’s because my attention span when watching movies is miniscule. maybe it’s because i’ve got the computer and and have been ripping CDs during the whole movie.

or maybe, just maybe, it’s because i was working on the back of the weekend warrior, and i finished the back! i’ve just got to finish up the front (tomorrow, i hope) and then i can seam up the shoulders. after that i’ll do sleeves, and finish it.


maggie jane isn’t too interested in the knitting. she just wants to sleep on the couch tonight.

kanji and weekend warrior

Thanks to luckyno3, I’ve found out that the title of the print below is probably Fuyacho no Mise, which means a store in Fuyacho. Now I need to track down the mark of the artist. Thanks, luckyno3!

Today and tonight, I worked a lot more on my Weekend Warrior sweater (Colinette Point 5 yarn, pattern from the Yarn Girls’ Guide to Simple Knits). I’ve finally split the front and the back, and finished all the armhole decreases on the back. Tomorrow night I’ll finish the back and begin the front, and then all that is left are sleeves and piecing it together. Wheeeee! Pictures later.


the short story: evan dando rocks!

more later, when i’m awake. which means tomorrow after work, as it’s now 3:07 a.m. and i have to get up in about 4.5 hours to be to work by 9. gah.

but, evan dando ROCKS, even if he is a ditz.

oh it’s a hard life living when you’re lonely*

so i really can’t wait for the semester to end so that i can have a 9-5 schedule every day of the week. the dog has such a hard time with tuesdays and wednesdays, because i go in late on tuesday and can’t giver her a good walk on tuesday nights. mostly i’ve noticed this on wednesday mornings when we go to the park is she is completely and utterly unruly, barking at everyone and everything in sight. it drives me nuts.

but when we take a good walk in the morning and go for a park-walk in the evening, she is happy as a clam, not unruly, and plays well with others. this morning (it being wednesday) we headed off to the park for a quick game of fetch before i headed to work. when we got there, it was filled with other dogs. normally, she’d sniff a bit, maybe play with one or two of them, and then be happy playing fetch. this morning? no way. she was little-miss-protecty-dog. what does that mean? it means that she positioned herself between me and any other moving thing out there and barked her fool head off, warning whoever it was to BACK OFF.

sigh. i grew up with labs. they were neurotic, of course, but in such different ways. but i wouldn’t trade this one for the world.

if you’re a philly person, you might be interested in reading the latest philly weekly cover story – i’m SO glad i found my pup when i did, and got her out of there when i did. seems like morris animal refuge is having some serious PR problems. go read it now – link only good this week.

* props to anyone who can name that song lyric!