23. make fresh lemonade

Turns out, making fresh lemonade is super easy if you have an easy way to squeeze the lemons. I do, in the form of an orange juice press that Amy and I got for our wedding 9 years ago. We use it regularly in the winter when oranges are in season, and today I pulled it out to see how it works with lemons. Answer: great!

I used this recipe from Real Simple.  Photos of making syrup are boring, so you only get lemon photos.

Bag o’ lemons
Waiting to be squished
Eight lemons later, I had a cup of juice.
Juice mixed with cooled syrup and cold water, hard to tell it’s lemonade because the pitcher is white. Oh well.

Now I just need to wait for the lemonade to get really cold in the fridge and then to drink it. I think that’ll be tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be sunnier and warmer than today, and when I’ll mow the lawn.

Related: what is UP, June? I think you’re drunk and need to go home. These temperatures are ridiculous.

37. mail 45 postcards to 45 different people.

Last time I did this, I sent postcards via Postcrossing. It was fun and cool and I enjoyed getting postcards from other people all over the world, but this time I wanted to be able to send more personalized postcards. I also wanted people to be able to opt into it, so maybe I’d get to send postcards to people who I wasn’t related to and didn’t send Christmas cards to. I created a Google form that asked for a name and a mailing address. Then I sent the form out via Facebook. And the names rolled in! The first day I sent it out, 23 people signed up. The next day, another 12 signed up!

First 35 postcards ready to send.

The last 10 came in on days 3 and 4.

Final 10 postcards ready for the mailbox.

The first postcard was mailed to a librarian friend in Holyoke, MA, and the last one to a librarian friend in Laramie, WY. Go librarians!


  • CA – 2
  • IA – 1
  • IL – 2 (one headed to Qatar after a pit stop in IL)
  • MA – 23
  • MD – 1
  • ME – 3
  • MN – 5
  • NJ – 2
  • NY – 1
  • PA – 3
  • WA – 1
  • WY – 1

Other fun facts about the postcards, where they’re going, and who they’re going to:

  • The farthest postcard is (likely) going to Doha, Qatar by way of Illinois.
  • The farthest postcard by zip code distance is going to Belmont, CA (3116 miles, just beating out Poulsbo WA at 3094 miles).
  • The closest postcards are going 2.5 blocks away.
  • Total distance traveled by the postcards I’m sending out based on zip code distance from my house is 24,744 miles – just about once around the equator!
  • If I include the postcard going to Doha, the total distance will be 31,258 miles.
  • One little boy is getting two postcards because both his moms signed him up without knowing the other had already done it.
  • I’m related to 4 of the postcard recipients.
  • I’ve lived with 4 of them.
  • I’ve known 6 of them since I was 18.
  • There is not full overlap between any of those three groups of people.
  • I’ve never met 4 of the recipients in real life.
  • I share a full birthday (day, month, year) with one person
  • Seven people are librarians.
  • Thirteen of them play hockey.
  • I met 4 of them through Crossfit.
  • Another 3 I met through playing indoor soccer.
  • There are (at least) 4 knitters in the crew.

This was such a fun way to get connected with friends! I highly recommend sending postcards to people in your life, just to let them know you’re thinking about them.

38. send $20 to 4 people and ask them to send me a return note telling me how they spent it

This was one of my favorite things on the list I did when I turned 40, so I decided to do it again! This time I picked 4 different people, but all having a few things in common, and am sending them $20, a note, and a pre-addressed, pre-stamped postcard. When they spend the money – on whatever they want or need – they just drop me a note back letting me know how they spent it.


Last time, I selected 4 Kristins and Kristens from various points in my life. This time I selected people with a common name, but all from the same time in my life. I can’t wait to hear back from them all and to share their postcards with you.

39. let 4 friends pick things for me to do and put them on the list

I could have blogged about this the first day I posted my list, but plumb forgot to! I emailed 4 friends who are totally into this kind of thing, and also asked Facebook for ideas. Here are the items that they suggested which made it on to the list:

  • go surfing in Barbados (Niki & Libby & KP – I’m going with them!)
  • run a 5k (Linda M)
  • ask 4 friends what their all-time favorite movies are and have a movie marathon party (Niki)
  • be a dog for a day (sans the pooping outside) (KP)
  • milk a cow (Katrina)
  • memorize a poem (Libby)
  • pick a super touristy thing to do in Boston (Libby)
  • procure, puncture, and drink from a real coconut – be sure to include a drink umbrella, and other alcoholic libations if desired. (Jen F)
  • have a drink at the top of the hub in the prudential (I’ll join you!) (KP)
  • walk through a corn maze (Sue A)
  • mail 45 postcards to 45 different people (Libby)
  • start a game of telephone over the phone: create a phone chain of friends, call and say your message once and tell the first friend to pass it on along the chain, then see what message ultimately comes back to you. (Jen F)

I have super fun and creative friends!

And okay, technically I accomplished this item before my 44th birthday, but I like the idea so much I wanted to make it one of my 45 things to do. So there! My list, my rules.

45 things in my 45th year

Today I turn 44. Based on the success of my 40 in 40 project, where I attempted to accomplish a random set of 40 things in the year before I turned 40, I decided to do it again in this, my 45th year alive. Follow along with me as I blog about each event between now and May 10, 2016. The list of things I’m trying to do this year is here.