Bits and Bobs

  • Sidney Crosby is amazing. He just helped Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Sabres in the overtime shoot-out.  What a shot!
  • BC made it to the women’s Frozen Four!  I’m really excited for them.  Someday there will be a cable channel devoted to women’s college hockey, and I will be one of the first subscribers.  Lake Placid is just a little too far to drive this weekend
  • I’m trying to accumulate a list of college/university computing groups who have blogs.  Unlike in the library community, which has the lovely listing, I can’t seem to find a listing of those sorts of blogs.  Any help, anyone out there?
  • Hi Mom!
  • Maggie got into a porcupine last week.  Fortunately, she realized instantly that she needed to get the hell AWAY from the thing, and only ended up with 5 needles hanging out of her face.  I wasn’t around; Amy got to deal with the little dog getting herself into injury situation without me once again.  (The other times she’s gotten run over by a truck and sliced open her upper lip. Fortunately, no serious damage either time. Dog of Steel.)
  • I’ve been reading again.  I highly recommend Dark at the Roots: A Memoir (a book that will make you treasure your lovely, loving, not-even-remotely-that-dysfunctional childhood) and The Long Run (a book that will ALSO make most people treasure their childhoods).  Love the advance reader’s copies that I can pick up at library conferences… Fun stuff!
  • My life is consumed with three things: reading, work, and hockey.  WHAT HAPPENED TO KNITTING???? I miss knitting, but can’t seem to figure out how to get back into it. Silly hockey obsession!
  • Speaking of hockey, my team is almost done with our season.  We’ve not done as well as we should; we’re one of those teams that tends to play at the level of whatever team we’re playing, for better or worse.  Fortunately, we’ve got a tournament in a couple of weeks where we’ve been placed up a division.  We should get the living daylights knocked out of us, but we’re going to have fun!  A few of use from our team have hooked up with another team and are going to a tournament in Vermont in April, and I just got word of a possible May tournament as well… and then there’s hockey camp at Dartmouth this summer (seriously.) and the power skating clinic in August that I’ve already signed up for.  Did I mention that this is a bit of an obsession?  Can you tell?
  • Last weekend in MN, I watched about 15 games of hockey with my dad.  The Wild, the Gophers, and more high school state tournament hockey than you can shake a stick at.  OFFICIALLY OBSESSED. Which reminds me, I need to get my skates sharpened tomorrow.

That is all.

Seattle’s Best

No no, not the coffee. I spent last weekend in Seattle for the ALA Midwinter meeting. After praying a little half-heartedly for a blizzard to strand me on the East Coast, I sucked it up and realized that a.) I actually really tend to enjoy the conferences once I get there and b.) I wanted to see my friends from … well, everywhere! Unfortunately, I only ran into one of my LSU Ex-Pats buddies since I didn’t get in till almost midnight Friday (we normally have dinner/drinks on Friday evening). However, I did see Beth and lots of folks from Swarthmore (although somehow I missed out on talking with Meg more… boo hiss!) And then I got to catch up with all my friends from WSS – Kelly and Piper and Jane and Heather and Jennifer and Diana and Jennifer and Rebecca and Cynthia and on and on and on. I can’t believe how much fun I have with these women – people I never would have met if it hadn’t been for the American Library Association and its annoying requirements that anyone who is on a committee must attend both the annual and midwinter meetings. So over the course of many years, if you stick around in the same section, you get to know people. And I like these people – a lot! I also like how each year someone new shows up and gets sucked into the fold. I’m hoping that happened this year with a couple of people.

Besides being in Seattle and walking around a lot, I ate some good food, went to a bona fide lesbian bar (with the WSS folks, even though they’re definitely not all playing on that team), and spent a lot of time in Pike’s Place Market trying to avoid the impending headaches that invariably come when I’m in places like that (I wasn’t successful – thank god for figuring out what OTC drugs keep my headaches from turning down the twisted path into migraine-land.)

Lest you think that all I did was socialize, I’ll have you know that I had a ton of meetings to attend, and spent several hours on the exhibit floor. Of course, I managed to mostly pick up advance reader’s copies of 18 (yes, eighteen) books this conference. I think that’s a record for me, and I’m not sure I’m completely proud of it. (My dratted cell phone won’t let me send the photo I took in my hotel room.  Suffice to say that the photo of all 18 books is funny). But hey – free books! I’ve already finished three of them (Summer at Tiffany, Bad Monkeys, and The Knitting Circle) and started the fourth this mornings (A Perfect Mess). I love getting to read books before they’re released to the general public. Often times I pick up books I wouldn’t give a second thought to in the bookstore and end up enjoying them immensely and passing them on to people I think would like them. Water for Elephants was one I picked up last year and passed around to about 10 folks at work.

So this year I’m trying to figure out how I can finagle going to BookExpo America. It’s right at the end of May in NYC and doesn’t cost all that much for a librarian’s one-day pass. I’m thinking that even if they don’t give out the number of advance reader’s copies that they do at ALA, it would be an educational experience.  Have any of you ever attended?  What were your experiences?

My assessment of Seattle: thumbs-up!  I’d go there again in a heartbeat and would love to see a lot more of the city than the area I could during this conference.

I heart Christopher Moore

So if you were to head over to my LibraryThing account and check out all the books I’ve read recently, you might notice that the past 4 books I read (of the 8 I’ve read this year so far) are all by Christopher Moore.

My heartfelt thanks must go to my best friend, who sent me copies of Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal and Island of the Sequined Love Nun about a year ago. I devoured them and immediately picked up Practical Demonkeeping to keep on with the theme.  And then I must have been distracted by something, for I didn’t read any more of his books until earlier this month.

In the past five days, I’ve read:

Oh my god is this man hilarious!  The second two – Fluke and A Dirty Job – I enjoyed more than the others (even Lamb).  I think it’s because the scenarios are much closer to home than the rest of his oeuvre.  Fluke tells the story of a whale researcher trying to figure out why humpback whales sing, and A Dirty Job tells the story of a man who becomes a Death Merchant, moving souls along from dying people to the people who need them next.  I suspect my love of the Death book stems partly from my love of Terry Pratchett’s Death books too – nothing better than knowing that Death isn’t some scary non-entity, but rather is an anthropmorphic personification or a second-hand shopkeeper.

Anyhow, if you want to read some really absurdly funny books, I can’t recommend Christopher Moore highly enough.  Your local public library should have some of his books, and if they don’t, you should ask them to purchase them.  Of course, you could also head to your local bookstore to get them.  Whatever floats your boat.

My Favorite Things (November 2006 version)

There are a few things in my life that I’m really grooving on lately. Rather than hoard that information, it seems only fair to share it with all of you, my numerous readers!

Tivoli Audio Fashion PAL Portable Audio Laboratory AM/FM Radio in sky blue

This small, battery-operated, rechargeable radio is just the right thing for my bathroom. I love the sound, the reception is AMAZING (seriously – I pick up stations from Providence, RI), and it’s so darn cute I could die. Yes, it’s expensive. I splurged on it, because the bathroom is the one place where I need to have peace and calm in the morning. I wanted no cords draped all over the place. This fits perfectly on the bathroom cabinet. I love it!

Kiss My Face fragrance free moisture shave cream

I can’t begin to express how much I love this shave cream. It doesn’t smell (a plus in my book, ymmv), you only need a small amount of it, and it lathers up really nicely. My legs (when I do take the time to deal with them) are always happiest when I use this shave cream over soap or other body washes/shave creams.

No One Cares What You Had For Lunch

Blogger and writer Margaret Mason offers up the blogger’s version of writing prompts. NaBloPoMo made me realize how stinky some of my posts are (who CARES about all those memes anyway?) and this book gives me lots of ideas to make this blog a wee bit better.

Google Reader

I love how Google Reader has changed my blog-reading habits. It’s so much easier for me to navigate through all the chaff and get to the wheat. And no annoying Bloglines plumber for me!

J. Crew factory store corduroys

You can’t get them online, from the catalogs, or in the regular stores. I know because I tried (no way I’m paying more than $50 for a pair of cord, which always wear out faster than other pants for me). But they have these cords in the outlets which are the Perfect Cords for Me. I’m in the smallest size I’ve worn in literally years – and this is because I’m at my lowest BMI in years too. Hockey plus some dedicated work after last winter’s moving/moping/new job/eatingfest has paid off. But these cords – I got one pair and loved them so much that I braved the Wrentham Outlets outside of Boston a few weeks ago to pick up three more pair. I now own them in: light sage green, dark sage green, grey, and a warm honey-brown.

Milky Way mini candy bars (leftover from Halloween)

Apparently I like candy bars with caramel in them. How do I know this? The Twix mini candy bars are gone from the jumbohumongousgigantic bag of candy we got from Costco. And tonight I think I finally found the last Milky Way in the bag. Granted, I’ve thought that before, and always another one surfaces. We’ll see if my luck holds out beyond tonight.
Timex Easy Reader watch with expansion band

It’s been a looooong time since I owned a watch I liked. Normally I agonize over watch purchases, going for something that is exactly perfectly right. On Monday I was in a bunch of meetings where I was supposed to be keeping time, only it was hard to do without a.) a computer (my normal timepiece) or b.) my cell phone (my backup timepiece). So in a fit of needing a watch now, I headed to Target and found this little dandy piece. And I got it way cheaper than they have it listed for at Times! It’s been on my wrist all day and not once has it annoyed me. That is the sign of a fabulous watch in my world.

On a different note, this is just weird.