My Family is Normal

This is a photo of my small, immediate family:

Megan + Amy at Fenway
Megan + Amy at Fenway

We’ve got two dogs who live with us. They’re pretty much family too. I mean, we pick up their poop, feed them, and make sure they have health care. That counts, right?

Maggie + Otter
Maggie + Otter

The other parts of our family are my folks, brother and family, Amy’s folks, sister and family (three of our nieces below), and brother.

Mud masks!
Mud masks with Auntie Amy!

And then there are our friends – our chosen family. Chosen family is special in a different way from traditional family, and I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world. From our oldest friends (not age-wise old, but length-of-friendship old) the newer ones, they really do make life wonderful too.

My family isn’t really all that different from most people’s families, with a few awesome exceptions:

  1. They’re mine.
  2. Amy and I happen to both be women.
  3. Our traditional families didn’t raise an eyebrow about #2.
  4. Our chosen family didn’t either.

Not everyone who is L, G, B, or T can say the same things, and that’s one reason why I’m blogging today. My family is NORMAL and I’m hopeful that someday #3 and #4 are the rule rather than exception.

6. Get a massage

Big huge thanks to my friend Shelly in Germany for giving me a gift certificate to Caring Touch Massage Therapy to help me move into my 40s! Katrina, who owns Caring Touch, sidled up to me the other day at the gym and slipped me an envelope. Inside that envelope was the afore-mentioned gift certificate, along with a note from Shelly thanking me for my friendship (we’ve known each other since I worked at the University of Northern Iowa, way back in the late 90s) and wishing me well as I moved into a new decade of life. Needless to say, I got a little teary and sniffly.

Caring Touch Massage Therapy
Highly recommended!

And so I ran home, checked Katrina’s schedule, and got myself on her calendar ASAP. The massage was wonderful – she focused on my legs per my request – and I felt like I was walking on jelly for about 2 days. I’d highly recommend Katrina! And I’d highly recommend being friends with Shelly too. They are both simply wonderful!

31. Snowshoe in the Blue Hills

We got some snow in January. Well, actually, we got a TON of snow in January – to the tune of just about 4 feet. Add in the foot and a half from December, and you’ve got some great snowshoeing weather. Amy and I asked our friend C. if she and the girls wanted to come snowshoe with us in the Blue Hills in mid-January, and they jumped on it! Both girls had snowshoed only once before, and seemed to really enjoy going with us. C., of course, had a blast, and so did Amy and I!

Running while snowshoeing
Running in snow is fun!
Amy + Megan
Megan, Alecia, and Nina
Everyone run!
Amy, Alecia, Nina, Chanda, and Megan
A successful adventure!

15. Go to a Pawtucket Sox game

Libby, Amy, and I went to see the Paw Sox last Thursday evening. It was free baseball cap day, so we made sure to get there early so we could get free caps – thanks Rhode Island Lottery and WEEI! While the Paw Sox didn’t win (hardly – they lost 9 or 10 to 1), the game itself was a blast! Some photos:

Megan outside the stadium, with Sox Amy outside the stadium, with Sox

Megan and Amy each pose with Sox, the female Paw Sox mascot (yes, there are two).

Megan lurking behind Paws, one of the mascots

Me, lurking behind Paws, while he was signing little kids’ programs. Yes, I’m a dork.

Amy + Libby @ the Paw Sox

My wiffy and our great friend!

Megan with Paws

Me and Paws. I swear, I didn’t shove any kids aside to get this photo. At least, not too viciously.

Paw Sox

Playing with the tilt-shift function on my camera – made the field look pretty cool! And yes, our seats were great – right behind home plate.

Amy and I had such a great time at the game that we decided to base our summer vacation partly on seeing minor league baseball games. The other part? Based on my 40 in 40 list… but you’ll have to wait until the vacation is done for me to tell you what fun things we’re planning on doing!

9. Go candlepin bowling

In my last post, I hinted at something else on my 40 in 40 list that Libby, Jen, Amy, and I had done on our first (annual?) L-JAM Adventure Day. We went candlepin bowling at Lanes & Games in Cambridge.

As a twist, we decided to bowl in skirts. Which meant we needed to buy skirts. Which meant a trip to Goodwill after lunch and before the graveyard adventure. Behold the shopping. (Amy does not like wearing skirts.)

Skirt Shopping at Goodwill

And behold all of us in skirts (looking reasonably happy, even though none of us are really skirt-wearers.) (Aside: Amy coaches outside. Can you tell? The rest of us are pretty pasty white, but she’s looking all tanned.)

Candlepin Bowling in Skirts

And behold some action shots of us bowling/posing.

Candlepin Bowling in Skirts Candlepin Bowling in Skirts

Amy (l) and Libby (r) bowl

Candlepin Bowling in Skirts Candlepin Bowling in Skirts

Jen (l) and Megan (r) pose

I LOVE candlepin bowling – it’s significantly more fun to me than ten-pin bowling, and not just because you get three shots on each frame. There’s something about the small ball, the shape of the pins, and the fact that between shots the deadwood isn’t swept away. That can really help, but it can also hurt. So hooray for candlepin bowling! I suspect I’ll go more than once this year…