I made this!

Sweater for Lelia

The pattern is from domestic sphere – scroll down the the bulky baby asymmetrical cardigan for any gauge yarn. I made it in Muench from Tessin Yarn, in lime green. The buttons are from Joann Fabric. And seriously? I love this pattern. Very easy to make, and very easy to adapt. After doing the left front, I realized the stockinette made the edge roll, so on the right front edge, I used a 5-stich seed-stitch. Very simple. I can see that with a yarn that was less busy than the one I was using, one could put in all sorts of fun patterns and use all sorts of great stitch combinations.

And the best part? Momma, Poppa, and the little girl who it was for all love it.

Halloween Costume Fun

I’ve never been a big Halloween-dresser-upper, but this year was just too enticing. Amy and I decided to go as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully – pretty easy, all things considered.

Amy (as Fox) wore: a grey wool blazer that I got for $5 at a thrift store, a pair of blue jeans, some (softball-dirt-stained) white socks, black loafers, and a white button-down that I found at Target for $19.

I (as Dana) wore: my grey suit jacket, my blue jeans, black socks, my black boots, a white shirt with a “johnny collar”, and a small cross pendant on a chain. I also tried to dye my hair Scully-orange, but it just ended up as a (gorgeous) russet instead. Apparently it’s time for me to get back into dying my hair, because this color rocks! I found some reddish lipstick, too, and wore that.

On Saturday, I poked all around the internet and found images of the FBI badges they have – both the wallet ones and the hanging ones for when they’re inside the Bureau. I printed them out and laminated them. We put the wallet ones in our wallets, hung the hanging ones on our shirts, and called it a costume. We headed to Mac’s for a party, and generally had a good time. Somehow I managed to fall asleep during the creepy movie “The Changeling”. I’m not upset.

Aren’t we cute?:

Amy as Fox Mulder, Megan as Dana Scully


working again and again on updating this web site. i’m enjoying wordpress, as it’s letting me dip my toes into the twin pools of CSS and PHP. last night, at a movie with amy, kelly, kristen, and lucia, i was geeking out to kelly about both things, when lucia turned to amy and kristen and lucia said, “what’s PHP?” and amy said, “i dunno. drugs, maybe?”

sox are up 4-2 in the bottom of the third. the dog’s upstairs trying to destroy the remnants of her dog bed covering. amy’s driving from northeast philly to my house, and i’ve just made tea. not the most exciting saturday night in the world, but MY saturday night this week, and i’m enjoying it.

The Little White Church in the Woods

Once upon a time, there was a little white church in the woods in northern Minnesota. It was called Bethlehem Lutheran Church, and it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places because it was such a typical little white church in the woods. There are lots of people buried in the cemetary behind the church, and they have names like “Mattson” and “Lindberg” and “Carlson” and “Peterson.” It should come as no surprise that this church was founded by Swedish settlers to those woods in Northern Minnesota.

Many years after the church was founded – 29 years ago, in fact – a young girl and her family moved to the town near the church. The girl met another little girl in preschool, and the two of them became fast friends. As they grew up, they began spending the night at each others’ house. When this girl stayed at that girl’s house on Saturday nights, they often went to the little white church in the woods on Sunday mornings. That girl, and her father, and (I think) her father’s mother were all baptized in that little white church in the woods.

Many years later, that girl met a boy and got married. She wanted to get married in her little white church, but it was too difficult to do so. Her husband helped her find a little white church in the town where they did get married, and it was beautiful. But still, it wasn’t THAT little white church. More years passed, and the boy and that girl had a baby boy. That girl and her husband decided that he should be baptized in the little white church in the woods. And THIS girl was that little boy’s godmother.

Happy Christening, Alex. I love you.


Welcome Little Ones

So my wonderful friends Tammy and John had a little girl last Thursday morning. She came into the world a bit earlier than anyone expected, but is doing well. If you’re a fotolog fan like I am, then you’ll want to go welcome her at her flog. While you’re there, you may as well say hello to my friends Nan and David’s little guy, Alexander. I’m so excited to meet Alex in September… what a cutie patoot!

Babies everywhere! It’s wonderful! Welcome to the world, little ones!