22. do a super touristy thing to do in Boston

On January 2, Amy and Libby and I headed in to Boston to go ice skating at the Frog Pond.

Megan putting on skates
Putting on my skates

Stephanie and KP met up with us (outside the rink) and took photos.

Megan, Amy, & Libby skating on the Frog Pond
Photo by KP: Megan, Amy, & Libby on the Frog Pond

Then we all headed over the Cheers for drinks.

KP, Amy, Libby, Megan, & Stephanie at Cheers!
KP, Amy, Libby, Megan, & Stephanie at Cheers

Niki and one of her friends showed up to celebrate with us. (Sadly, no photo of that happy event.)

It was a blast! The city was really pretty so soon after Christmas and New Year’s.

Boston Common at New Year's
Boston Common at New Year’s

5. ask 4 friends what their all-time favorite movies are and have a movie marathon party

Star Wars Collage
Photo from Bleeding Cool

So. I didn’t do this. Instead, Amy brought all 6 of the Star Wars movies up to her sister’s house over Christmas, and we forced the nieces into watching them, in order, from 1-6.

Amy’s parents, her sister, and our brother-in-law all joined in the viewing party over the course of three days. Yes, we watched every single Star Wars movie, even the “bad ones”, and then we all went to see The Force Awakens together.

It. Was. Awesome.

42. try to get elected to something

Elected, selected, same difference, right?

My initial idea with this goal was to step out of my comfort zone and find a new area where I could show some leadership about something. And I certainly did that. Why? Starting October 26, 2015, I’ll be in a new job at Mount Holyoke College as the Director of Research & Instructional Support. I’ve been at Wellesley College for almost ten years now and have had a lot of different roles there in that time. I wasn’t looking for a new job, but this position was right up my alley. So I applied, interviewed, and was offered the position. That sure counts as trying to get “elected” to something in my book!


23. make fresh lemonade

Turns out, making fresh lemonade is super easy if you have an easy way to squeeze the lemons. I do, in the form of an orange juice press that Amy and I got for our wedding 9 years ago. We use it regularly in the winter when oranges are in season, and today I pulled it out to see how it works with lemons. Answer: great!

I used this recipe from Real Simple.  Photos of making syrup are boring, so you only get lemon photos.

Bag o’ lemons
Waiting to be squished
Eight lemons later, I had a cup of juice.
Juice mixed with cooled syrup and cold water, hard to tell it’s lemonade because the pitcher is white. Oh well.

Now I just need to wait for the lemonade to get really cold in the fridge and then to drink it. I think that’ll be tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be sunnier and warmer than today, and when I’ll mow the lawn.

Related: what is UP, June? I think you’re drunk and need to go home. These temperatures are ridiculous.

Thanksgiving 2014

Today was Thanksgiving. I am so blessed to have spent the day with those I love the most: my wife, my parents, my in-laws, my grandma, and one of my awesome aunts.

Megan & Raana
Megan & Raana
Megan & GG (Grama Grant)
Megan & GG (Grama Grant)
Amy with Cornish Game Hens
Amy with Cornish Game Hens
The Whole Crew
The Whole Crew