Extra Curriculars

You know how when you’re in school and they call sports and clubs “extra curricular activities”? Well, I work in academia, so I’ve taken to calling my non-work life my extra curriculars. And when I start doing them, I often throw myself info it full steam ahead. Over the past decade, here are the things that I’ve gotten waaaaaay into:

Knitting – I learned in 2004 – it was one of the reasons I started this very blog! And even though I’m lucky to finish one or two things a year now, I have so much yarn. I’ve made a ton of hats over the years thanks to favorite my Ravelry group’s January knit-alongs called the Puck This Hat Trick. If you knit three hats in January you earn yourself bragging rights! Maybe I’ll try that again this year, since it’s been a couple of years since I made any new hats.

Megan in a hand-knit hat
Pretty in pink and cables (my favorite hat!)

Ice hockey – I started playing when we lived in Philadelphia, but moving to Boston threw it into high gear. For a couple of summers I played in 3 leagues, averaging 4-5 games/week. For goodness sake, Amy and I, along with our friend Libby, actually went to adult women’s hockey camp at Dartmouth for 3 summers running! Now I limit myself to one league at at a time – one game per week.  Except that I haven’t been able to play since April. Hoping to get back on the ice in 2015 though.

Megan in hockey gear
In full protective gear!

CrossFit – I started CrossFit in 2008, when I realized that 40 was breathing down my neck and I was only getting less fit and healthy. Like many folks who tend to throw themselves into CrossFit, I annoyed and bored the living daylights out of everyone around me for at least a year, maybe more.  But I got into great shape, got strong, and felt great! When I can, I still go to CrossFit several times a week. (If you’ve ever seen a video of “annoying CrossFitters doing annoying things”, that’s what I was like. Sorry everyone who I subjected to that kind of thing. I’m much more self-aware now.)

Chest-to-bar pullups
Chest-to-bar pullups

Weightlifting – After doing CrossFit for a couple of years, one of my coaches started getting into competitive Olympic weightlifting. I managed to catch his enthusiasm and spent almost a year training solely for that. I participated in a few meets, and had a total blast! If it weren’t for a rather unfortunate ski incident and the realization that training 2-3 hours/day was taking over my life, I’d probably still be doing it. Alas!

Bay State Games - Snatch
In the setup for the snatch.

Downhill skiing – When I was a kid, my folks learned to ski along with my brother and me. I skied regularly (in the midwest – sigh) until I was 18, and then pretty much stopped until I met Amy. Her family all are skiers, so I got back into it. And it’s like riding a bike! I completely remembered how to do it after just a run or two! We ski a lot now, mostly in Maine and New Hampshire. That said, my favorite ski resort is one of the first places I ever skied as a kid: Big Sky in Montana. I hope to get back there next year!

On the chairlift at Big Sky
On the chairlift at Big Sky

So there you have my extra curricular life in a nutshell. I’ve tried a lot of things that haven’t stuck over the years, like yoga, indoor soccer, drawing, running, biking. I’m kind of adrift right now – we’re not yet in ski season, and my ice hockey and CrossFit is severely curtailed thanks to the post-concussive headaches. So I’m trying to figure out where to throw my energies… maybe it’s this blog!

16. Go to a Providence Bruins game

January 21 was the big day – a whole big group of us went to the P-Bruins game. Amy organized it – got tickets for the group of us, managed to score us some swag since we are a hockey team (super-cute baseball caps!), and even got 2 free tickets for organizing it! We passed those on to our friends who actually live in Providence.

At the Providence Bruins
Obligatory self-portrait

I think they won, but I forget. I really just cared about getting my photo taken with the mascot….

At the Providence Bruins game
Sejal, Samboni the mascot, me, and Sejal's friend whose name I totally can't remember

Storm vs. NH Blue

Storm Logo Aw dang, we lost tonight, 2-6. We were missing 2 skaters, so Amy played up and Jill and I were defensive partners. As it turns out, we played really well together despite me being beat about 30 times up the right side by one of the Nighthawk players. Thanks to our goalie Angela for saving my butt… Speaking of my butt, I didn’t use it to block her view this week like I did last week, which I consider to be progress. Actually, I think overall we all played better than we did last week. We’ll see what the coach has to say about it at practice on Wednesday, but I know I certainly felt better about our team’s performance tonight compared to last week!

We had quite the cheering section too. My folks, Amy’s folks, friends of the team Sue and Elaine, Laura’s boyfriend Sam, and Nancy were all there. We usually have 3 or 4 people, so it was nice to have a bit larger of a cheering section. And tomorrow we don’t have a game – we get a rare Sunday off, which means Amy and I can head into Cambridge to hang out with my folks before they head back to Minnesota. It’s been a great week with them here.

My Christmas Cactus

I have owned this tiny little Christmas Cactus for years. It has always sort of been on the verge of dying, sort of dusty, and never particularly interesting. This summer I repotted it and put it out on the front porch. About 2 weeks ago, when the temperatures started dropping to close to freezing, I brought it in to the kitchen. And voila! It’s blooming now! Who knew?

Christmas Cactus

Have you had any plant surprises lately? What did you do differently to your plants that you think caused it?