Not so much on the upgrades

So I’ve neither upgraded to SP2 nor fully figured out how to upgrade my blogging software. Oh well, nothing’s been lost, and I’ve backed up my hard drive. That’s a good thing. I also realized that my hard drive is nearly full (hence not upgrading to SP2). That means that I’ve spent more time cleaning up the hard drive – defragging it and deleting old programs I’ll never use. Sigh.

The semester has started at work, and once again I’m reminded of how much I love my job. This week I taught four library classes, hiked through the Crum Creek for my orienteering class, and watched the women’s soccer team play a couple of games. On Monday I’m going to my first-ever field hockey match. I like being active on campus, being known. Suits my temperment.

And with that, I’m off to bed for the night. There is a furry little beast curled up on the sofa next to me, with one eye open, peering at me as if to say, “Turn that blasted thing off and come to bed like a normal dog!” I keep reminding her that I’m human and not dog, but she forgets. Her idea is a good one though, so good night.

Sleep, Maggie, sleep!

Maggie sometimes sleeps on her back, too.

Adventures with Crickets

Last night, Maggie hunted a cricket in Amy’s living room. The cricket was huge, loud, and fascinating to Maggie. Eventually, she flushed it out from behind the television stand, only to poke at it with her right paw (she’s definitely right-pawed) and snuffle around it a lot. Eventually, she poked it to death, and in the process, got a leg off. She ate part of that, but I stopped her from eating any more.

At any rate, catlike behavior notwithstanding, she was 100% dog this morning. When she ran outside to pee and sniff, she stopped, sat down with her back to me (hmmm… that’s actually very catlike…), heaved for a while, and then threw up cricket leg and other dog-stomach stuff. Too bad that she’ll never learn that it was the cricket that made her sick (she always throws up exoskeletons like that), since the amount of time between eating the cricket and getting sick took so long. Silly beast.

Here she is on a better day, back in July, when we were in Minnesota. This picture is taken on the south side of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, on one of the docks by the canoe-corralling area.

Maggie at Lake of the Isles

A Photo Essay

The past several days in my life, narrated visually.

The Three Bears

From last Friday night, after dinner with Michael at El Fuego. The spicy beef tacos were excellent! The park where this statue lives is called, “The Three Bears Park.” Go figure!

Maggie lays by the hose

From last Saturday, after a walk in the park. Maggie basks in the sun. She moved around a lot in the backyard that day, following the sun. I suspect some distant relative of hers was feline.

Fetch and Destroy?

On Sunday, Maggie went to town on the frisbee Michael got for her (along with the trick book – Maggie says “woof” and I say “thanks!”). I wish she’d merely fetch frisbees like normal dogs do, but since they are shiny and plastic, they are obviously the enemy and Must Be Destroyed.

The Damn Scarf

The Damn Scarf made of a ribbony yarn. I finished it today (Wednesday) at lunch. This may want to be a gift for someone, or it may want to stay with me. In any event, I have another skein of this yarn in turquoise, and dread using it. The only upside of finishing this is that I will now be able to finish my sweater, which requires these needles for doing the crewneck.


Kelly divvies up fresh strawberries from our organic farm vegetable and fruit subscription. There is something wonderfully visceral about juicy strawberries, fresh from the garden. After I finish this blog entry, I am going to wash and eat my share of these berry piles.

Words and Knits

Last night, Michael was telling me about some books that he’s read. The initial series had 7 titles, and then, as he put it, “there were a bunch of prequels and …. postquels.”

I think postquel is my new favorite made-up word. It’s related to sequel (the word I suggested he might have meant, but was informed quite sternly was NOT what he meant), but has a different meaning. A sequel, in my mind, follows the initial story closely in time, and involves many of the same characters. A postquel, on the other hand, is set up by the events in the initial story, but doesn’t necessarily involve the same characters or occur closely in time to the first story. For example, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is an exercise in sequels, while the Recluce series of books by L.E. Modesitt is more of an exercise in prequels, sequels, AND postquels. Right now, I’m having a hard time thinking of a book that directly led to a postquel, though. Ideas, anyone?

In other news, here is Maggie Jane with the cheese (rind) from Wednesday night.

Cheese Thief

And here is the Weekend Warrior sweater from Yarn Girls’ Guide to Simple Knits

Sweater - Almost Done


You can see that I’m done with the sleeves! All I need to do now (tonight?) is to seam the shoulders, set in and seam the sleeves, and pick up and knit the neckband. I’m pretty excited that it’s so close to done. Too bad it’s 90 degrees out today… gah.

Yesterday, I hosted a PhillyKnitters Stitch-n-Bitch at my house. The dog entertained folks for a little bit, until she was rescued by her new favorite human being (that’d be Smitty…) The food people brought was wonderful – Cyn’s baked, marinated tofu was to die for, Rosemary’s tuna/cream cheese pizza was nummy nummy nummy, and Jill’s marinated mozzerella… oh god. Best ever. And it was so fun to have all these women in my house, knitting away. I hung in the backyard with Jody, Cristy, Sam, Rosemary, and Evelyn, while Naomi, Jill, Cyn, Amee, Charlotte, Megan, Kim, Mishel, Alisa, and … I forget who else … hung in the dining room. No one seemed too thrilled to sit on a leather sofa in the living room. 🙂 Go figure!

So now I’m going to try to seam up the shoulders on my sweater. Seaming isn’t my strong suit yet, so we’ll see how this goes. More pictures later, as it gets more and more complete.

new blog!

so i’ve spent most of today updating this here blog thingy. i like it very much. the colors are the ones i like, the font is the one i like, and i’ve figured out how to put in a blogroll (thanks to bloglines) and comments and trackback (thanks to haloscan).

laptop dog

this is my beast, maggie jane. sometimes she helps me set up my web site.