If April Showers Bring May Flowers, Here They Are

We have more pretties in our yard:

Johnny Jump-Ups?

Johnny Jump-Up
(not to be confused with the Jossi Jukin-Up)
(only you hockey fans will get that one).

Bleeding Hearts

More bleeding hearts, because I love them.


Purty tulip guts.


One of the new tulips this year, in the spot where the arborvitae used to live.

We’ve also got some wildlife in the yard:

One of the Garter Snakes

There are at least 2 garter snakes – one near the veggie garden and one near the neighbor’s pool. Here is PoolSnake sunning itself. I watched VeggieSnake eat a worm the other day. Holy circle of life Batman. !!!


Speaking of circle of life, here’s Maggie chowing down on the incredibly long grass, which we’ve already mowed three times this year. Before May 18. !!!

On Guard for the Mailman On Guard for the Mailman

And here’s Maggie letting us all know that the mailman is trying to violate the integrity of the yard. It’s really too bad the mailman leaves every day, because she thinks it’s because she barks at him. Alas, silly dogs won’t be reasoned with.

Have a Woofy Christmas!

Yesterday I tried to get some photos of the dogs for our Christmas card. Naturally, since I wanted them to do something, they gave me attitude. Here are some of the more successful attempts (although I don’t like any of them enough to use them):

The Dogs, mid-December 2008

The Dogs, mid-December 2008

The Dogs, mid-December 2008

The Dogs, mid-December 2008

And since it’s no fun to only look at the better photos, here are the best of the failures:

The Dogs, mid-December 2008

The Dogs, mid-December 2008

The Dogs, mid-December 2008

Fortunately I did manage a few good solo shots of each of them, so I’ll work a little Photoshop magic to make our cards this year. Phew!

Sixth Sense

The little dog has a sixth sense. Otherwise how would she know we are going away for Thanksgiving so that she could ignore her dinner so that Otter could eat it so that she could be sick because she was so hungry?

Silly little dog. Fortunately, through the miracle of olive oil and a really nasty smelling (but apparently incredibly tasty) dog treat crumbled up and mixed into a bowl of dog food, we’re all good now.

Of course, she’s punishing us right now by not hanging with us in the living room. Silly little dog!

If dogs could swear out loud...

P.S. Hi KP! Don’t forget: January comes before summer most years.

Canine Oral Fixations

Both my dogs like to chew on stuff. We’re pretty lucky that they typically only chew on their own things.

We bought Otter this stuffed bunny at IKEA a couple of months ago. Bunny is his favorite toy. He sometimes just sits, holding Bunny gently in his mouth. Other times he shakes Bunny around, trying to break Bunny’s back (but Bunny doesn’t have bones, so we’re all good). And then other times, he’ll lick and lick and lick and lick Bunny. Yeah, Bunny’s kind of gross, but Otter loves Bunny, so when Maggie gets a hold of Bunny and chews holes in Bunny and tries to pull out Bunny’s stuffing? I intervene, put the stuffing back in, and unleash my surgery skills on the world. Lucky Bunny, and lucky Otter!

Otter with Sutured Bunny

Maggie also likes to chew. We haven’t found a dog toy she hasn’t been able to destroy (or at least get good chunks out of it – I’m looking at you, Kong!) other than one particular bone. As you can tell from her behavior with Bunny, she’s most fond of stuffed toys and things that can be shredded. The other day she was being annoying when I was finishing dinner, so I threw my paper napkin at her head. This was the result:

Maggie Shredding Paper Towel Maggie Shredding Paper Towel

Maggie Shredding Paper Towel Maggie Shredding Paper Towel

Silly dog!

The Dogs of Ciderfest

Amy’s sister and her family threw their annual cider-making party last weekend. The weather was glorious and everyone who came had a blast socializing, making and drinking cider, enjoying the bonfire, and eating. I took photos. My best ones this year were of the dogs of Ciderfest.

Ciderfest 8 - Callie

Callie, who lives with Sally and Gunnar

Ciderfest 8 - Alvis

Alvis, formerly skinny and heartworm-positive Hurricane Katrina refugee who hit the jackpot when he ended up living with Amy’s sister, her husband, and their three little girls

Ciderfest 8 - Morgan

Morgan, who lives with Amy’s parents

Ciderfest 8 - Pete

Pete, who lives with our brother-in-law’s sister and her family (he’s 13 years old! can you believe it?)

Ciderfest 8 - Alvis

And Alvis again, with 100% typical Alvis expression (i.e. pet me love me pet me love me i’ll be so happy if you’ll only pet me love me)