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University Mews, Philadelphia PA


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Charles Moselley Swain Residence

This is what used to be where the Mews sits now, on the southwest corner of 45th and Spruce Streets in Philadelphia, PA. As stated on this page, "In this substantial home of the most comfortable type, characteristic of the best part of West Philadelphia, resides Charles M. Swain, the president of City Trust Co., Director of the Merchants' National Bank, etc., former Councilman and son of the founder of the "Public Ledger."

Drawings of 15 University Mews

Ron Turner, 1962
Drawings by: Fred Kramer

(linked directly to drawings at Rowhouses of Philadelphia, the site at Bryn Mawr College, with apologies....)

Writings about the Mews

Promotional Materials

University Mews: 46 Townhouses Inspired by the Traditional English Mews and Interpreted with Imaginative Modern Design. Hertzfeld and Horowitz, Associates. Philadelphia, PA, [n.d.]

Magazine Articles

Urban Character Recaptured: University Mews, Philadelphia Pennsylvania; Ronald C. Turner, Architect. (1964, August) Progressive Architecture, 45(8) 150-153.

Middle-Income Townhouses in a Renewal Area: Smooth Sailing. (1963, October) House & Home, 24, 96-97.

University Mews Development Wins National Design Award. (1963, September) University City: An Occasional Periodical Issued by the West Philadelphia Corporation.

Newspaper Articles

Long-Term Mortgages Available on Mews Units. (1963, October 12) Evening Bulletin - Philadelphia. Homes-Real Estate Section.

University Mews Project Approved for 90% Mortagages. (1963, October 20) Philadelphia Inquirer.

Hertzfeld Gets Award. (1963, November 24) Sunday Bulletin.

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