27. go to a wine tasting

Surprise accomplishment! Amy and I are in vacation, hitting up breweries in Maine on our way to New Brunswick, and we stopped in Winterport at Penobscot Bay Brewery. Imagine my surprise when I saw they were co-located (and share a head brewer/vintner) with Winterport Winery!

So along with sampling some nice beers, we also tried several of their wines (and bought a few bottles to take home…)

Happy day!

On Charleston, White Supremacy, & Racism

I’m bereft that someone was so radicalized by racist ideologies – in 2015! in the U.S.! – that they murdered 9 people on cold blood – an act of terrorism if you will.  And sadly I’m not surprised in the least.

There is little I can write about last Thursday’s massacre – and the culture that surrounds it – that someone else hasn’t already said better. So instead I link to them:

I’m not the perfect anti-racist ally but I’m trying. And I’m going to fail in the future just like I’ve failed in the past. And then I’m going to apologize, and do better in the future. Because dammit, black peoples’ lives DO matter to me. And white people, we can do so much better than what we’ve done so far. 

21. go to the MFA and spend hours wandering around

Yesterday I took the day off from work, reserved a museum pass from my public library, got on-street parking (SCORE!), and spent several hours wandering around in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

From lower left, clockwise:
Paul Signac, “Antibes, the Pink Cloud,” 1916
Kehinde Wiley, “John, 1st Baron Byron,” 2013
John La Farge, “The Fish and Flowering Branch,” about 1890
Stephen Rolfe Powell, “Manic Saturn Johnson,” 1993

The photo above includes a few of the pieces that struck my fancy.


I thoroughly enjoyed some of the current exhibitions. I popped back into the Hokusai exhibit (my folks took me to that in April when they were in town and it simply took my breath away.) Playing with Paper: Japanese Toy Prints was a nice complement to the Hokusai exhibit.  In the Wake: Japanese Photographers Respond to 3/11 was stunning. Takashi Arai’s daguerreotypes were the highlight of that exhibit. And finally, Nature, Sculpture, Abstraction, and Clay: 100 Years of American Ceramics was exceptionally well presented. I missed a few exhibits that I’d like to go back to see, especially Gordon Parks. (I didn’t make it to the third floor of galleries.)

Three hours is definitely my maximum time in a museum. While it was so great to go and just wander, I walked out with a headache that didn’t go away for a good chunk of time. Ah well, good art is good and worth it.

11. milk a cow

It was Dairy Day at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA, and my friend Katrina and I headed up so we could get there for the 10-11am milking time. The line for milking Jane the cow wasn’t too long when we got there. We were at least 35 years older than anyone else in line, but I’d argue that we had more fun than anyone else there.

And then @beatkitkat and I crossed another item off our respective lists. #45in45

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Drumlin Farms is so cool!
clockwise from top left: me with Jane the cow, Jane, a super cute piglet, the world’s coolest chicken hairdo

Huge thanks go to my friend Katrina for putting this on her 40 by 40 list, because I was so entertained by it that I put it on my list!