34. take a bubble bath

Secret confession time: I don’t really like bubble baths. Probably because our tub is neither deep nor long enough for me to stretch out without having some part of my body exposed to the air. Add to that the face that the underside of our tub isn’t insulated all that well, and I’m not really sure why I put this on my list. But now it is done and I never have to take another bubble bath if I don’t want to.

Bubble bath
Drawing a bath filled with bubbles

19. ski White Nitro Extension at Sugarloaf

My original #19 was go to the top of Mt. Washington, but time got away from me when it was driving weather, and I honestly have zero interest in hiking up there in the winter (which, in April and May, it still is at Mt. Washington.) So I’ve been thinking hard about how to replace this with something equally as impressive and challenging and TALL.

And then, a couple of weeks ago, Mother Nature + school vacation week provided that opportunity to me. Amy and I were up at Sugarloaf for the week with Amy’s sister and two of our nieces. On Monday morning, we hooked up with our friend Colleen who was skiing (sis/nieces weren’t there yet) and realized that it was a supremely gorgeous, if incredibly cold, day on the mountain. As we were headed up the Skyline life, we noticed that there were people skiing in the Snowfields. Ahhh! This winter has been really rough for the mountain, and the snowfields hadn’t opened. But look! There were people! We made a plan to get to the top; it involved getting ourselves over to the Timberline lift, which takes you to the summit of the mountain. We planned on taking Gondi Line Extension, since a fellow we rode the lift with said it was beautiful. Well, we got ourselves up there, and promptly blew past Gondi Line Ext to the next run – not on purpose. The run looked great, so without paying any attention to what it was, we headed down. Conditions were perfect. Snow was great. We went slowly, but confidently. Then we got to the first crosscut and looked at the sign.

“White Nitro?”

“What the hell run did we just go down?”

“I don’t think that was Gondi Line!”

“Oh my god, we just skied the most challenging run on the mountain!”

Well, having done that, there was nothing to do but to continue down White Nitro and then hook up with Bubblecuffer, after which we cut off and hit the very bottom of Sluice, and back onto the Skyline lift.

Map of skiing down White Nitro
The pink trail – run #7 – is our run down White Nitro Ext, White Nitro, Bubblecuffer, and Sluice.
We took 7 to 15 to Bubblecuffer to Sluice.
We took 7 to 15 to Bubblecuffer to Sluice.

A couple of runs later we finally got to ski down Gondi Line Extension, which was almost as lovely (but not quite…) What a great day of skiing! The only bummer of the day was the very end, when Colleen had a slight mishap going to take her skis off and managed to somehow bung up her MCL.

And THAT is my big adventure that was tall and challenging and not Mt. Washington and kind of scary but really, really fun!

22. do a super touristy thing to do in Boston

On January 2, Amy and Libby and I headed in to Boston to go ice skating at the Frog Pond.

Megan putting on skates
Putting on my skates

Stephanie and KP met up with us (outside the rink) and took photos.

Megan, Amy, & Libby skating on the Frog Pond
Photo by KP: Megan, Amy, & Libby on the Frog Pond

Then we all headed over the Cheers for drinks.

KP, Amy, Libby, Megan, & Stephanie at Cheers!
KP, Amy, Libby, Megan, & Stephanie at Cheers

Niki and one of her friends showed up to celebrate with us. (Sadly, no photo of that happy event.)

It was a blast! The city was really pretty so soon after Christmas and New Year’s.

Boston Common at New Year's
Boston Common at New Year’s

5. ask 4 friends what their all-time favorite movies are and have a movie marathon party

Star Wars Collage
Photo from Bleeding Cool

So. I didn’t do this. Instead, Amy brought all 6 of the Star Wars movies up to her sister’s house over Christmas, and we forced the nieces into watching them, in order, from 1-6.

Amy’s parents, her sister, and our brother-in-law all joined in the viewing party over the course of three days. Yes, we watched every single Star Wars movie, even the “bad ones”, and then we all went to see The Force Awakens together.

It. Was. Awesome.