18. try 5 new restaurants

  1. The Friendly Toast with Amy and Meena, May 17
    • Such a great brunch! YUMMY.
    • And spending time with Meena is always fabulous.
  2. 51 Lincoln with Amy for our anniversary, July 23
    • Food was good.
    • We had fancy drinks with dinner.
  3. The Tavern with Amy, August 29
    • The oven was broken.
    • Two kegs kicked when we ordered beer.
    • No one could fix the oven or change the kegs because everyone was at a wedding.
    • So we ate deep-fried things.
  4. Farmstead Table with Amy, November 6
    • We ordered way too much food.
  5. 4 Bells with Amy and both sets of our parents, November 28
    • Fried chicken on a salad = heaven.
    • Pimento mac and cheese. *high five*
    • Buttermilk biscuits. Glorious.

I’d go back to 4 of those 5 restaurants with great pleasure. And I’m sure I’m going to get to 5 more new restaurants before my year is up, so look for me to reprise this one to make up for some other thing I haven’t gotten to!

32. get the tattoo I picked out on my 40 in 40 list

So it’s not technically the tattoo I picked out five years ago, but it is one that I love. Melissa Baker at Fat Ram’s Pumpkin Tattoo in JP designed it for me after a consultation in October, and on December 9, she inked it on me. I will say that the pain of getting this was pretty spectacular, but it’s oh so worth it. I LOVE IT.

Its location is on my right ribs, just below my bra-line, which makes photographing it a bit challenging. That said, here you go:

Snowflake tattoo detail
Snowflake tattoo detail
Tattoo on my ribs
Tattoo on ribs

I spent a little over 2 hours getting this done. As I said, the pain was pretty intense, but oh my heavens it was worth it to me. So happy.

1. go surfing in Barbados

Finally we hit the reason for this 45 in 45 list!

About a year ago, my friend Libby suggested that a group of us go to Barbados to go surfing during the week of Veteran’s Day. She and several other friends had been there and knew it was a great place to learn. So a group of 9 of us bought plane tickets, reserved rooms at a guest house on the southern part of the island, booked surf lessons and surfboard rentals, and counted down the days.

Of course, in the midst of all this, I got a new job. Which I started 2 weeks before we were leaving. So I negotiated and still took my vacation. And what a vacation it was!

From Boston to Barbados...
From Boston to Barbados…
Zed's Surf Truck!
Zed’s Surf Truck
I'm surfing!
I’m surfing! I’m surfing!
Milky the surf-dog at Surfer's Point.
Milky the surf-dog at Surfer’s Point.
Dos Uno, catching some waves.
Dos Uno, catching some waves.
Life is pretty great for visitors to Barbados.
Life is pretty great for visitors to Barbados.
Late afternoon surfing at Surfer's Point
Susan, late afternoon surfing at Surfer’s Point
Batts Rock Beach
Batts Rock Beach
Part of the crew: me, Libby, Stephanie, KP
Part of the crew: me, Libby, Stephanie, KP



East coast of Barbados from the air
East coast of Barbados from the air

A++++++ and huge thumbs up. Would go again, in a heartbeat. Would take Amy with me next time. Highly recommended. So much fun! So much laughing! So much sunscreen! Such great hair (apparently my new hairdo is perfect for the salt-water-tousled look)! Such great friends! Can’t wait until next summer, when I get pull on a wetsuit and try again here in New England. And I’m already plotting my next trip down there…

36. get at least 2 pedicures

Two pedicures, two salons.

Pedi 1: August 7, Krysten’s Nails in downtown Natick. Great pedicure, lasted a long time, small and busy salon where everyone seemed to know each other, good price.

Pedi #1
Pedi #1

Pedi 2: November 7, Nails & Co near the Natick Mall. Decent pedicure, LOVE the color, got beat up pretty quickly (apparently surfing and coral and sand and beaches and surfboards will do that to a pedicure, because all my friends had the same thing happen), large salon, much more expensive.

Pedi #2
Pedi #2 (post-surfing, with injuries to match.)

Sometimes I am girly.