25. take a photo from the top of a Hogwarts tower

So originally this goal was to take a photo from the top of Galenstone Tower at Wellesley. However, I don’t work at Wellesley any longer and can’t quite figure out how to get myself onto the going-to-the-top-of-the-tower list. So I didn’t. Instead, I went to the top of a tower at (ahem) Hogwarts and it was really cool! Unfortunately, Hogwarts has a cell tower on the top of their tower, so I couldn’t spend too long up there because who wants brain damage? Not me.

Behold the photographic evidence:

Me, atop, looking down
Me, atop, looking down


Hogwarts sure is pretty!
Hogwarts sure is pretty from this high up!


The sun was setting at Hogwarts.
The sun was setting at Hogwarts.


Lower down , looking up at one face of the Hogwarts tower.
Looking up at one face of the Hogwarts tower.

44. attend town meeting in Natick

In this week between leaving my job at Wellesley and beginning my job at Mt. Holyoke, I noticed that Natick’s Annual Fall Town Meeting was starting on October 20. So I decided to go see what it was all about.

Town of Natick Fall Meeting 2015
The meeting begins

Unfortunately, this meeting was a little outside the ordinary, because it was the first time the town meeting was employing electronic voting via clickers. And of course, it was more than a bit tedious to watch this whole thing – technical glitches and all – happen through the first 90 minutes of the meeting.

My notes from the night:

  • We are 22 minutes in and are still going over how to use the clickers.
  • 8:06 and we just finished going over electronic voting.
  • There are a LOT of white people in this room. Hardly representative of the town as a whole.
  • Article 1: Rescinding authorized unissued debt. Amounts range from $8m to $500.
  • Now we are arguing about the difference in numbers of votes between article 1a and article 1b.
  • “Point of order” is definitely the phrase of the night.
  • Article 2. Oh look, a town meeting member is leaving. It’s 9pm. I’m going to leave at the same time as him so I don’t look like a jerk.

What I learned about Town Meeting: it takes a LONG time. The guy I left with said it would go from 7:30-10pm or later Tuesdays and Thursdays for at least a month. So THAT rules out a lot of people who might otherwise want to be Town Meeting members. There are 180 members of Town Meeting, 18 from each precinct. The moderator was … forceful. He knows Roberts Rules of Order forward and backward and woe to you if you didn’t say the right thing when you stood up to say your clicker wasn’t working or something like that. He actually yelled at several people who used the wrong words. WTF.

So any ideas I may have harbored about wanting to run for a seat on Town Meeting (which to begin with were somewhere between “eww” and “GAG”) are definitely now out of my mind. I do thank folks who do serve though. They have waaaay more patience than I do.

15. plant a tree

I can’t believe I’m a month behind in blogging! Of course, it’s been a busy month, so there is that.

On September 27, our friend Libby asked Amy and me to come help her plant holly trees. Now you might be saying to yourself, “Self, holly isn’t a tree! It’s a shrub!” And I would say to you that holly is a tree and a shrub and it doesn’t really matter anyway, because it’s my list and I get to decide what counts. This counts!

Megan, Amy, and Blue Prince and Princess
Megan, Amy, and the two holly trees: Blue Prince and Blue Princess
Megan planting a Blue Prince holly tree
Blue Prince going into his hole.
Megan planting a Blue Princess holly tree
Blue Princess going into her hole.
Libby poses with her two holly trees.
Libby poses with the Blue Princess (left) and Blue Prince (right).

What a gorgeous day to plant trees! I hope these grow well, pollinate well, and are beautiful all year long for many years to come. Thanks Libby for inviting me over to help!

42. try to get elected to something

Elected, selected, same difference, right?

My initial idea with this goal was to step out of my comfort zone and find a new area where I could show some leadership about something. And I certainly did that. Why? Starting October 26, 2015, I’ll be in a new job at Mount Holyoke College as the Director of Research & Instructional Support. I’ve been at Wellesley College for almost ten years now and have had a lot of different roles there in that time. I wasn’t looking for a new job, but this position was right up my alley. So I applied, interviewed, and was offered the position. That sure counts as trying to get “elected” to something in my book!


35. dramatically change my hair

Chop chop chop! Donated my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, then got rid of the rest. I love it!

On my way to get it all chopped off – so long, so hard to manage, always pulled up in a bun. UGH.
Two ponytails, still attached to my head.
No turning back now!
Short! Fresh!
Comes with a healthy side-dose of bedhead… 😉