32. Swim in the Damariscotta River

Thanks to Stephanie for the mental push I needed to go swimming in what is likely the coldest body of water I’ve ever been in, the Damariscotta River. As it turns out, rivers on the coast of Maine are NOT particularly warm.

Diving into the Damariscotta River

After the initial shock, I got out of the water, much to the jeers of my friends. So I jumped back in, and it wasn’t as cold that time. All told, I was in the river for about 15 minutes, just long enough to lose all feeling in pretty much every extremity. Some of the crazy ladies actually swam from the dock over to the area where the lobsters were getting cooked (including lovely Laura W. with her can of Narragansett…) but I was done. Too cold for me.

It was awesome!

2. Climb a tree


On the Fourth of July, Amy and I went to visit her sister in Maine. We went to the town of Perkins Cove for the afternoon and walked along the coastal shore until we found a beach area. On the way back from the beach we took photos in The Climbing Tree. This is me in the tree with Cameron and Maddie.


We also saw a spectacular sunset over York Beach before the fireworks.

Sledding Party

For the first part of our vacation this year, we spent close to a week in Maine at Amy’s sister’s new house. There was a big snowstorm the day we drove up, so we all took advantage of the snow and went sledding over the next couple of days. Here are a few of my favorite photos.

Sledding! Sledding!

Auntie Amy and Cameron go over the jump – Amy poses with the new house

Sledding! Sledding!

Uncle Karl takes Cameron down – Amy B takes Amy S on her first-ever sledding run



Sledding! Sledding!

Holly and Hannah catch air – Karl struggles to stay upright (he failed)

The rest of the set is at Flickr.