Three Years of Our House

House, April 2009

April 2009 – with small dog and new color (which highlights the weird lack-of-trim around the kitchen windows – gotta get on that)

Our Yard - Mid-June 2008

Mid-June 2008 – with mown grass, pre-painting (way too many power and cable lines coming to the house – we got rid of 2 of them and we’ve also since cut down the gigantic arborvitae to the right of the house and two large ash trees to the left of the house (sob! except that they could have fallen on the house or a neighbor’s house in a heavy storm so it’s safer we cut them down now.))

House, May 2008

May 2008 – with flowering quince and tulips

South side of our house

May 2007 – with tulips

Side of the House

June 2006 – with wheelbarrow

9 Lincoln St. in Natick

March 2006 – with open cellar door

Our New Sugar Maple

Earlier this fall we had to remove two very old, very tall, very pretty, and very dying ash trees from our backyard. I was bereft – there was such a horrible hole in the yard, in the sky, and in my heart.

After several weeks of me pissing and moaning about this, Amy finally threw up her hands and said, “Fine! Let’s go get a tree!” We talked a bit and decided on either a red or sugar maple. So last Sunday, we headed out to one of the big local nurseries. Alas, they didn’t have any trees onsite. We headed down to the local nursery that’s a lot closer to us (but doesn’t have the same widespread reputation) and hit paydirt (literally – everything was 25% off, so we got to buy a more mature/expensive tree!) They had several types of both red and sugar maples on-site. After an hour of thinking and debating, we decided on a lovely little Green Mountain Sugar Maple. It won’t get as big as either of the ash trees, but I think it’s going to be simply beautiful. Here it is being delivered and planted.

Planting the Sugar Maple Planting the Sugar Maple

Planting the Sugar Maple

And here it is, looking towards the back of the yard and then towards our house.

Planting the Sugar Maple

Planting the Sugar Maple

Why yes, I do love it! It’s going to take many years to get a lot bigger, and I can’t wait to see it grow.


How is it that Amy and I can spend days and days and days (all last weekend [3 days] and all this weekend [3 days] plus time after I get home from work and time when she’s around during the days and it’s not raining) working on the outside of the house, and all that we have to show for it is the back of the house scraped, primed, and painted and one side of the house scraped and primed? The back of the house doesn’t even have two coats on the whole thing, and I haven’t started trim yet.

Either we are too particular or this is a lot harder work than we anticipated. I’m going to go with a healthy dose of both those things.

Remind me again why we decided to paint the outside of our house. It’s a time vortex.