8. Paint the kitchen

Kitchen Before
A very red "before" kitchen

This is another substitution goal. It was originally “get my car washed by kids who are having a fundraiser” but that requires a fair bit of serendipity, which apparently I did not possess in this 40th year of life.

I did have it in me to paint the kitchen, though. From blood-red to pale aqua – divine! Now to replace the counter and appliances…

Kitchen After
A very not-red "after" kitchen

Weekend Work

This weekend we did a ton more stuff on the house and in the yard.

  • Holly and Libby finished scraping and priming two of the three other side of the house that still needed scraping.
  • I painted most of the south side of the house and about half of the front of the house.
  • I picked veggies at the farm, including 10 pounds of tomatoes!
  • And Clark trimmed and removed about 7 or 8 smallish diameter trees, a couple larger trees that were overhanging the neighbor’s pool, and the big arborvitae that was trying to take over the northeast corner of our house.

Yeah, as you can probably tell, Amy’s sister and her husband came down Saturday and Clark went to town with his chainsaw. He actually came back today and finished up all the stuff he couldn’t get to yesterday. While I know we needed to do a lot of this trimming and tree removal, it still pained me. What pains me more is that we’ve got two HUGE other trees that need to come down behind the garage because they’re dying and dropping branches. Yowza. It’s gonna be nekkid back there!

Photos eventually – I’m too pooped to pull out the camera cable…


How is it that Amy and I can spend days and days and days (all last weekend [3 days] and all this weekend [3 days] plus time after I get home from work and time when she’s around during the days and it’s not raining) working on the outside of the house, and all that we have to show for it is the back of the house scraped, primed, and painted and one side of the house scraped and primed? The back of the house doesn’t even have two coats on the whole thing, and I haven’t started trim yet.

Either we are too particular or this is a lot harder work than we anticipated. I’m going to go with a healthy dose of both those things.

Remind me again why we decided to paint the outside of our house. It’s a time vortex.