Public Commitment

It comes as no surprise to most who read this blog regularly (hi, all 5 of you!) that I play hockey. Actually, I don’t just play hockey, but I am obsessed with it. I’ve done camps, clinics, power-skating, mixed-level leagues, higher-than-me-level leagues, and just-my-level leagues. I play during the academic year (aka the “regular” season) and I play in the summer (aka the “OMG I’m in three leagues” season). I love to play in tournaments with my regular season team(s) and I love to play in tournaments with tournament teams.

You might think that with all that hockey-playing, I’d be in good shape. You’d be only about 1/4 right. The parts of me that are strong and in shape include my skating muscles (mostly in my glutes, hams, and calves) and my stick-handling muscles (mostly my shoulders). But they are strong in very sport-specific ways. And you may notice that there is a lot more of my body that I didn’t list as being in shape (arms, abs, quads, chest, back, etc.) My cardio system is in hockey-shape, not necessarily in good shape. In other words, I can skate hard for an hour (with the usual breaks) and not be horribly winded, but that’s only with skates on. Take the skates off and it’s a different matter entirely.

I recently turned 38 (okay, several months ago – where the HELL did summer go?) and this has been weighing on my mind a lot since then (pun totally intended). Over the course of the past 6 weeks or so, I’ve been doing a bunch of research into ways to get myself into better shape. I finally hit on the thing I think will work – it’s called CrossFit. You can google it to find a bazillion web sites out there on it, but for me it wasn’t that kind of research that sold me. No, it was seeing 2 people I know change during the time they’ve been doing CrossFit. Karin, first and foremost, I’m looking at you. You started out as no slouch, but now? Wow. You look strong and healthy and ready to take on the universe. Brian, you too. I know you’ve been doing it for a year on your own, and I appreciate all the info you gave me on how to get started.  And honestly? You look better now than you did a year ago when I met you, stronger and healthier too. There’s also a social aspect to this, as well as a competition to it. Right up my alley!

I am going to give CrossFit a shot – a month on my own, and then into the local CF gym till the end of 2009 and beyond. I’m tired of only being in-shape for one thing (even though it is one thing that I LOOOOOOOOOOVE). It’s time, and I’m saying it out loud. My public commitment is this: I will be stronger when I hit age 40 than I was at age 20, starting yesterday. Bring on the next 21 months!

2009 Resolutions

So how did I do on my resolutions from last year? Not as good as I’d like to have done. I read a ton, scored a couple of goals in hockey, and grew out my hair. As for reducing screen-time, walking the dogs every mornings, biking to work 3x/week, blogging twice a week, and finding/hiding geocaches… let’s just say that I fell a little short on those goals. We didn’t get the tv/cable/router/printer/stereo setup figured out either and I didn’t finish the home office. But on both of those we made other adjustments that have compensated somewhat… maybe I can talk Amy into getting the tv setup finished this weekend!

My resolutions this year are more modest.

  • Keep reading – at least 50 books
  • Geocache – at least 20 finds
  • Hockey – score two points
  • Bike – more (which requires getting up earlier) (NTS: get gloves and velcro straps)
  • Move – start lifting again

This year’s numerical summary:

  • Books read: 88
  • States visited: 8 (NH, VT, ME, CT, MN, WI, FL, NJ)
  • Countries visited: 2 (St. Martin, St. Maarten)
  • Hockey games played: 62 (most in the summer)
  • New gadgets: 4 (iomega eGo hard drive, iPod touch, Flip video, MacBook Pro)
  • Dogs: 2 (I can never seem to get Amy to agree to any more)
  • TV stations we get with hockey on them: 15 (VS, NHL Network, NESN, 12 on Center Ice Package)
  • Geocaches found: 15 (oh gosh, that’s lame)
  • Political candidates I voted for who won: 5 (Obama/Biden most important!)

Happy 2009 to you and yours from me and mine!

Amy + Megan

2008 Resolutions

Last year I made 10 resolutions and did okay with them. I maintained (more or less) my weight, was more active this year now that I’ve got a bike, kept on doing my emotional work, did a fair amount of decorating, read a lot (73 books), and spent a fair amount of time outside. That’s success on 6 of 10 – not bad.

This year my resolutions are of a different sort:

1. Walk the dogs every morning with Amy.

2. Reduce screen-time after work by 30 minutes minimum.

3. Bike to work 3 times a week (M,W,F) in spring, summer, & fall.

4. Score at least one goal this spring, and one next fall.

5. Read at least one book a week.

6. Figure out the television/cable/router/printer/stereo setup once and for all.

7. Finish home office/spare room/knitting studio.

8. Grow out my hair.

9. Find 25 geocaches. Hide our first cache.

10. Blog at least twice a week.

These are a bit more task-oriented than last year’s goals, but nonetheless I think they’re accomplishable. For example, yesterday and today we organized the basement, giving each other the time and space to do part of it alone and to do part of it together. It looks really good down there, and I think I actually know where everything lives.

So Happy New Year to all of you from Amy, Maggie, Otter, and me!

Amy + Megan

MaggieMiss Maggie

Otter and the Frog

2007: Resolutions

You know, last year I seemed not to have made any resolutions. I can’t imagine why, what with leaving a job I’d loved and been in for six years, moving, starting a new job with lots of new (to me) responsibilities, selling two houses, buying a house, moving again, getting married, chairing an ACRL section, dealing with staffing changes in my department, spearheading a search for two librarians, and in between all of that managing to lose a bit of weight, get a grip on my mental and physical well-being, and keep a sense of humor about life.

Huh. Imagine that. No resolutions when I knew most of that was staring me in the face. Funny! Pardon the sarcasm there – it’s just that I’m super-impressed that 2006 didn’t do me in!

But 2007 – this year I’ve made some resolutions, since I don’t have a boatload of life change barreling down the train track in my direction this year. It’s good to be focused, so focused I am. I’m going to tie these to what a friend called the five components of wellness: physical, social, emotional, mental & spiritual. A lot of them overlap, but that’s to be expected.


1. Maintain my current weight. Easier said than done – last year I managed to drop 15-20 pounds, which had crept on over the course of a year or so. But over the holidays some of it returned (I’ve since stopped eating peanuts, which has helped). I’d rather feel healthier than not, and frankly I’d like it if my underwear fit me the way they should. So I would like to make that my first resolution.

2. Increase my activity! I play hockey a couple of times a week – usually on Sunday and Monday – but I’d like to do something else during the week. This morning I had a flash of “I should walk to work!” but that’s probably not going to happen. However, more walks before and after work definitely could, and I think that on the weekends we’ll be hiking more with friends T&B and their dog (who met Maggie and Otter this weekend, mostly successfully).

3. Cook more. Amy’s really been the primary cook for the past year, and that’s been fine and dandy, but I’m ready to play too. I’d like to learn 3 or 4 signature dishes, and figure out how to throw together a nice meal for friends at the last minute.


4. Date. Yes, yes, we’re married. But dating is still fun! So I’d like to resolve to go on more dates with Amy. Maybe to the movies….

5. Go out in Boston and the surrounding environs more. Seriously – this area has to much to offer and I’ve not made much of an effort this past year to explore. That’s going to change in 2007!


6. Continue doing what I’m doing.


7. Finish decorating the bulk of the house. Seriously – this has gone on long enough. It’s almost there. The remaining tasks are: hang some pictures, rugs for the bedroom, mirror for the stairwell, chair for the living room, back entryway jacket/hat/shoe system, and revamp of my office in some way. This resolution goes under mental because it’s really a matter of putting my brain to the task and getting it done.

8. Play more games. Last night we played Apples to Apples with some friends and hoo boy was it fun! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, nor have I had to wrack my brain quite like that. Anyone know of any good strategy games that two people can play easily? Board games are preferable…

9. Read more this year! Last year I read 51 books – nearly one a week – but a lot of those were children’s and YA books. This year I’d like to balance between fiction and non-fiction, and read more adult books and fewer YA/children’s books.


10. Get into the woods, hike, lay in the hammock, walk barefoot in the grass, play in the snow, dance in the rain, and wear lots of sunscreen during it all.

So there you have it. Ten resolutions for 2007. We’ll see how I do with them this year. Like in previous years, I think I’ll print these out and hang them near my computer at work to look at over the course of the year, and will periodically report back on how I’m doing with them.