12. Go to 4 (Wellesley College) sporting events

Field Hockey

I attended 4 sporting events this year which I wouldn’t normally have gone to. Initially, this was going to be Wellesley College-specific (since I work here), but as the year went by, circumstances found me at a strange variety of sporting events that I believe qualify as “not normal” for me.

  1. Field Hockey at Wellesley College – I attended a game against Wheaton College (MA) with my friend and colleague Erin R back in the fall. I have no idea who won, because it began raining in the middle of the game and we left.
  2. Girls Basketball – Waltham HS vs. Wayland HS – I helped Amy “scout” a high school basketball game in January.  What surprised me wasn’t how low the score was (I remember playing in junior high and the scores were low then too) but that I actually picked out some things that the top players were doing consistently, that the CCHS coach used when preparing his team to play both their teams, and that knowledge helped shut those girls down! Cool! (But not cool enough that I’d ever want to do it again… haha…)
  3. Boys Soccer – I went to watch a U13 game this weekend. Amy’s colleague has a son who plays, it was near us, the day was lovely, so I went. Take-away: boys that age are  smelly, and that team could have taken on my O30 women’s team and wiped the field with us.
  4. Junior High Softball – The softball field across the street from our house is extremely busy this spring, as the Natick High School fields are being repaired. I have watched more junior high softball than I care to admit this spring, solely for the train-wreck factor. And yes, I fully realize that I will rot for making that comment, especially given my utter lack of ability in softball and throwing in general.

So. Four different types venues, four different age ranges, four different sports… I think I’ll probably stick to hockey and minor league baseball for the most part, but this was fun to do.

I missed March!

Whoops! Apparently March 2009 did not happen on my blog. Suffice to say that I’m still around, whether I blogged it or not.

Storm LogoThe most exciting thing that happened in March was our hockey team’s trip to the USA Hockey Women’s Senior C National Championships in Rochester, NY.  We obviously didn’t do super-well but OH it was fun! We’d have done way worse if our goalie Renee hadn’t been on; thankfully, she was really on, scores notwithstanding. My big excitement of the tournament was getting two assists. I very rarely get points in games, so to bust out and get 2 in the national championship tournament was thrilling. Amy got a goal in our last game, so the Brooks women definitely represented for the Storm.

Storm Results - Stats from Nationals 2009

We also went to the Women’s Frozen Four (NCAA hockey championships) at Agganis Arena at Boston University. Neither of the Minnesota teams made it to the championship game, so I was FORCED to cheer for Wisconsin in the finals. It wasn’t too hard to do that once I got over the whole Big Ten rivalry thing.

The other fun news is that I started playing indoor soccer. Amy finds it highly entertaining when I pick up sports that she already knows how to play (and she plays soccer well – less of a spaz than she is at hockey!) But after the first couple of games, she stopped laughing. There’s a lot I like about indoor soccer: there are the same number of players on the field as in hockey; there are boards like in hockey; playing defense is really similar to hockey (except that screening the goalie is less of a problem since a soccer ball is a tad larger than a hockey puck); and the field is small enough that I can run up and down it a couple of times before I want to die. There are a few things I still don’t like about soccer: my left foot is useless; and, I can’t run into people. That second one has been bothering me a lot, since my hockey game has gotten more physical in the past year. In soccer I really have to remember this mantra: You may NOT squish the opponent like a bug on the boards!

April’s been a mixed bag so far.

Bad #1: Work is very challenging. People I know and like have been affected directly.

Good #1: Last weekend Amy and I followed a trail that we’ve been on parts of before, but this time we took a different turn. We ended up a couple of miles away from home, on the Sudbury Aqueduct. It was really quite lovely and I hope this weekend is nice enough for us to do it again (and go farther this time).

Bad #2: Maggie came home from a “walkabout” yesterday with pieces of smellllllly dog crap stuck in the fur on her back. So I had to give her a bath. (I think the first part is what’s bad, she thinks it’s the second.)

Good #2: MacHeist 3! It was my first time participating in any way, and will not be my last. Besides, I got a ton of really interesting software which I can’t wait to use. So far I like World of Goo, Overflow, Typinator, Acorn, Little Snapper, and PhoneView. I want to use SousChef some more, and figure out how to use WireTap Studio and BoinxTV. But the real killer app for me (pun totally intended) is The Hit List. I struggle mightily with to-do lists and how to manage them – apparently that’s what this does really well. I’ll report back when I know.

I’m hoping the rest of the month looks more up and down – a planned hockey tournament trip up to Burlington, VT should be just what the doctor ordered!

How was YOUR March? How’s your April so far?