23. Play in net for one game (soccer or hockey)

It wasn’t a whole game, but it was half a game. It was way back on October 1… I need to catch up on my 40 in 40 posts!

We were up 6-1 when I stepped in to the net. That should have been safe enough.

We ended the game up 6-5. Thanks. blue team, for helping me out. I needed it!

Playing in Net @ Soccer

Obviously, my first attempt at being a goalkeeper was not my finest attempt. It may have been my final attempt, however, given how much I love having objects flying at my head, and how good I am at judging their speed and direction….

I Voted

I voted today for the new (presumptive) president! Go Obama! Remember when he made his announcement on Monday Night Football back in December 2006?

I got to the polls this morning at 8:20. There were about 15 people in front of me in line. It took about 7 or 8 minutes to get to the front of the line, then I spent about 5 minutes actually voting. I checked and checked and rechecked my ballot before I submitted it. How exciting!

Rather than hanging at home in front of the t.v. all night, Amy and I headed to Kendall Square to hang out with my friend from grad school, Mike. He lives in Oregon, so for him to be on the East Coast is a big deal! We found a nice brewpub and had dinner and some beer while catching up and watching CNN. When Pennsylvania was called for Obama, a big cheer went up in the bar. That was pretty awesome!

I voted for a few more folks who won: John Kerry (US Senate), Edward Markey (US House), Paul Linsky (state rep), against question 1 to eliminate income tax, for question 2 to decriminalize the posession of small amounts of marijuana, and for question 3 to ban dog-racing. The only race I voted in where my candidate lost was the state senate race. Sara Orozco, I’m so sorry that you were defeated by a man who is so clearly homophobic. Please run next time around! We need you more than you can know.

Happy Election to all of you who are as ready for this change as I am!

Storm v. Shamrocks

Today we played the Shamrocks, a team with a few incredible players and a pretty darn good goalie. Walking into the rink I was a bit nervous, since I’ve played with and against some of the folks on that team over the last couple of summers. The “with” part has always been fun, because hey, awesome players! The “against” part has always been a challenge, since hey, awesome players (skating past me very quickly with the puck….)

So we got out there and despite a few scary moments (Amy AND Julia both ended up with nasty bruises on their right knees, and I took an Amy C. slapshot off the pointy bony inside part of my right ankle OUCH OUCH OUCH), we played really great. The first goal was one of those digging ones, where we just kept at it until the goalie was 100% out of position, and then we put it in. The second goal … I honestly have no clue what happened except that it went in (was making a line change as that happened). The final goal was Sejal’s return to the land’o’mojo! She said before the game that she wanted to shoot with confidence, and holy moly did she ever! Freaking roofed the puck over the goalie’s left shoulder! What a thing of beauty….

We won 3-0. Renee’s goaltending was excellent this evening. She made many skillful stops, and one totally flukey one (yeah, the puck bounced off the inside of her left skate and back out into the crease where KP picked it up and put it out of the zone). Phew for having skates in the right position!

The team’s 2-4 on the regular season, and 1-2 in tournament play. I believe we can do better than .333 over the rest of the fall, to say nothing of the spring. Bring it on! The Storm is ready.